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Dasuqi Architects

Dasuqi Architects produce carefully considered, contextual and modern designs that deliver real value to our clients. Since its formation in 1995, the practice has delivered a significant number of high quality buildings both in the Kingdom of Jordan and abroad. Our diverse workload includes many large office and residential projects, public service buildings and industrials, we understand how to meet the varying priorities of each sector we work in. We have also completed many sensitive restoration and redevelopment projects of significant architectural value.

Our design studios work collaboratively alongside our production teams to deliver buildings to the highest standards and we explore innovative solutions using digital Building Information Modeling (BIM) and physical models. Our professional teams works from our office in Al Abdali area in Central Amman with many high standard projects around the region.

Dasuqi Architects was formed in 1995 the founder Eng. Adnan Dasuqi,The founder brought complementary skills from his previous experience as in a major commercial and a design-led practice respectively. He set an ethos for focusing on clients’ needs and the opportunities that a construction project offers them.

Dasuqi continues to develop an ability to identify and deliver value for clients and users at all stages of a project, from initial appraisal through planning and construction to refurbishment. Now led by 4 directors.

Dasuqi skills range from master planning, conceptual and detailed design especially on complex urban sites to delivery and refurbishment, in the commercial, institutional and residential sectors.

Our Vision
Ourvision is our dream, our aspiration for the be the preferred, Professional Engineering service provider as well as focusing on what we do and how well we do it,our vision statement identifies what is important to us as an organization in carrying out our business i.e. it identifies our corporate values. It also guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to do and achieve in order to continue to grow in a profitable and sustainable way.

Our Mission
Our Mission is our fundamental purpose, our reason for existence. It is our guideline for our office and to our clients why we believe we can create superior value by realizing the inconceivable; We believe in providing the best in design thinking and finding the optimum solutions for our clients.

- We work smart and we reward smart work .
- Our firm is a friendly and fun place to work where teamwork rules .
- Professionalism, character is the foundations of our success .
- For any project we will motivate for employment of local community so they can realize the benefits and also boost creation of self-employment

Our Values
- Hard work
- Consistency
- Transparency
- Long-term relationships
- Accountability

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